Creative Strategy

Most strategy projects require systemic and rigorous analytics. But the most successful ones also include a heavy dose of creativity and innovation.

While it is sometimes possible to improve or grow by a few % using just standard structured approaches and “best practices”, true breakthroughs (e.g. x10 or x100 growth) are rarely possible without a creative spark.

The most successful and unique strategy projects combine systemic approach, creative idea generation and pragmatic execution. An example of such a process includes:

  • Degrees of freedom / multi-dimensional map
  • Brainstorming: creative generation of 10-30 ideas
  • Selection of 2-4 models
  • Testing models
  • Decision criteria and decision making process
  • Planning, execution and results monitoring

Each strategy project is unique, so defining a standard framework with standard components (dimensions of choice, business model elements, resources, etc.) would be counterproductive.

But ensuring a combination of systemic approach, creativity and pragmatic execution is a solid foundation for strategy project success.

This approach is implemented throughout strategy tools. We firmly believe that brilliant strategy cannot be developed only by tools or software (however smart). But using these tools is a great means to ensure that brilliant minds develop brilliant strategic ideas and turn them into brilliant results.

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