Strategy is everything required to reach the best results


New powerful tools and techniques for systemic, creative and results-driven corporate/business strategy development. Based on decades of experience across the globe.

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Using business strategy tools and methodologies to drive executives' personal success. Intellect, emotions and teamwork - all leading to the best personal results.

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Powerful tools, methodologies, templates, blueprints, creative solutions libraries, mobile and cloud applications - empowering the most advanced strategists of the 21 century.

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StrategyNetwork unites a global (but European-centric) network of strategy development and execution centers.

StrategyNetwork was founded and is developed by a team of experienced strategy practitioners, including ex-partners and consultants of leading global strategy consulting firms, such as Bain & Co., Mercer (Oliver Wyman), A.T. Kearney and Strategy Partners.

The team focuses on:

  • developing strategy tools and applications
  • working with strategy centers
  • operating a global technology infrastructure

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The team behind StrategyNetwork has created strategies for hundreds of corporations with total cumulative results of tens of billions of dollars.

In addition, millions of people in over 50 countries use our strategies.

Examples of strategies, created by our team include:

Results continue to contribute to the development of our strategy tools.

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Strategy Tools: Snapshots

StrategyNetwork helps strategy centers implement powerful tools for strategy development and execution, including private label cloud and mobile applications, online and offline templates, tests and diagnostics, process blueprints and creative solutions libraries.

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